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Understanding The Real Estate Market with Brady McDonald and Casey Quinn

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In episode 11 of Wake Up to Wealth, Brandon Brittingham is joined by real estate experts, Brady Mcdonald and Casey Quinn, to discuss their backgrounds and experiences in the industry, including multi-family developments, storage and car wash ventures, and leveraging real estate for portfolio scaling. The conversation also touches on the universal struggle that tends to arise in life, regardless of one's circumstances. 

Tune in to gain insights on overcoming struggles and finding success in the wealth-building journey.



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Episode Transcription

Intro/Outro00:03 - 00:13
This is Wake Up to Wealth, a podcast dedicated to helping you change the way you think about wealth. And now, here's your host, Brandon Brittingham. 



Brandon Brittingham00:19 - 00:40
We are back today with another episode of Wealth. And I am super fortunate because I got two of my homies, two of the smartest dudes I know in the real estate space, Brady McDonald and Casey Quinn. And we were at an event today together that we all spoke at. So I get the privilege of having both of them here at the same time. We're having a threesome. Welcome, gentlemen. 



Brady McDonald00:40 - 00:50
Same damn time. I've learned a threesome with you fellas, boys. What are you talking about? Horses or what? And I would say I was the smartest guys very loosely when you had me in the group. 



Brandon Brittingham00:50 - 00:56
Right. Yeah. So people who don't know who you guys are, who are you? 



Brady McDonald00:56 - 01:17
Good. Good. All right, Brady McDonald from Canada, but live in Florida, so I cut my teeth in real estate, doing multi-family developments in Canada, and then came down to the US in 2022. We do storage and car wash, land development, land flipping, and do hard shit. 



Cassey Quinn01:17 - 01:45
That's my Kohl's Notes. And I love that. Production-wise, this might be a little difficult, since we didn't really prepare to be on that. same side of the mic here, but Casey, you know, accounting nerd from Pittsburgh, PA, built a pretty big portfolio in a short period of time, but take a massive action using numbers and back office to be able to leverage real estate from a debt perspective to scale a portfolio and begin getting myself around the right people to learn and educate myself on how to scale. 



Brandon Brittingham01:46 - 02:30
So one of the things we can talk about is like the struggle always seems to find a way to show up no matter where you're at in your life. And you guys both recently, you know, great operators run great businesses, but you guys found your both you guys found yourself on on the side of shit being fucked up. And you guys were in not great spots and you had to make very quick decisions. And I mean, we're talking about on the brink of shit being really bad to millions of dollars in profit in a short period of time. Right. Just, you know, I'd love for both of you to take just walk us through that mindset of where you were at and how you overcame it. 



Cassey Quinn02:31 - 04:38
Yeah, absolutely. I can start to. Right. So, you know, about a year, year and a half ago, you know, we were in a situation where we were continuing to build wealth by investing in long term real estate assets. And so as we continue to do that, we continue to build equity. But cash flow was always one of the struggle points. We're continuing to scale the company because the market was so hot and so good. So we're able to scale cash flow wise, enterprise, enterprise value wise, portfolio wise. All of a sudden, right, the market took a deep turn and we were not able to cash flow. And so our model, which was building long term equity and wealth in real estate, flipped itself on the head overnight. All of a sudden, we were going into the whole $100,000, $150,000 every single month. The ego side of me said, no problem, we can outgrow this thing. We've just got to pivot and scale revenue. And at the end of the day, getting myself in the right room really allowed me to kind of drop the ego and understand you can't outgrow that, right? You have to know and understand the game that you're playing, the inning that you're in today, what is happening in the market today, and you've got to pivot. So for us, again, it was not we can't outgrow this thing. We can't outgrow revenue. So how can we figure out on the cost side in order to be able to get to the margin? The really nice thing for us was we had built such a nice piece of equity on our real estate through building the wealth through investing in that real estate. And we're able to take a quick, massive pivot. obviously unleash some of that equity before the market got too bad to make it hard, as well as make some hard decisions internally to cut costs to right size RP&L. Again, luckily for me, getting around the right people that had an outsider's view and outsider's perspective to be able to look in and say, hey, dude, you're not going to outgrow this thing in revenue. changed my life. I had to make the hardest decision I've ever had to make in my entire life, which ultimately was best for our company and for everybody involved on both sides of it. But we did have to, you know, make several layoffs within the organization. Again, hardest thing that I've ever had to do in my life to this day in business. But it turns out it was the greatest thing that we were able to do, really able to right size and everybody is better off. We've been able to scale back since. 



Brandon Brittingham04:38 - 04:39
Yeah. And what about you? 



Brady McDonald04:40 - 06:56
Yes, we were in a situation that similar, obviously similar times, they caused it. And we were very fortunate that we also had a large portfolio. So at this point, we had about an $80 million portfolio. And part of the challenge, I guess, that I got in was, you know, I'm just a massive action taker, and it's probably one of the things that got us to where we are, obviously, from a winning perspective, but it also can be the thing that keeps the blinders on when problems aren't real, right? And so I went to the U.S., made massive, you know, invested a ton of money, bought a pile of real estate at the peak. I didn't do as much due diligence, probably, as I should. And then the market in Canada turned real fast. And it went from like sub two interest rates to seven. And the portfolio was bleeding. We had about $15 million in new construction developments in the pipeline. And there was $800,000 months, lots of 300,000. And losses. And losses per month. And then everything in the US wasn't selling, you know, and it was, You know, the part of my problem, I think, was also that I was just, you know, I was using alcohol to mask the fear and mask the real situation. And eventually I just made an internal decision. I could see within myself I had to make a change. And it all kind of came to a head when I knew I had an opportunity that I'd never had before. And that was a meeting with Ken, where I just believed if I was vulnerable and I was real with the situation with him, when I walked into that meeting, And I made some life choices, like cutting out the booze, that we could fix this. And that's what it was. So I stopped drinking, I went and saw Kent, and came up with a very clear action plan. And, you know, same with Casey, it's really super important to be around the right people. And be vulnerable, you know, and be honest. And just listen. And then, obviously, take massive action. And the thing about it was that, you know, we couldn't I couldn't see the solution. You know, what I thought was the solution was actually creating more problems. Yeah. Right. I was trying to create other ways to create businesses and more noise. Right. To create more money where, you know, Kent's like, dude, you've got like you've got a million dollar solutions for one hundred thousand dollar problems. 



Brandon Brittingham06:56 - 07:00
And the growth of your business is inside of your business. I say all the time. One hundred percent. 



Cassey Quinn07:00 - 07:09
You know, just two quick points to add to that, right? To his exact point, similar situation for me when I went to Kent. Kent really helped. Kent and Kent's team really helped. 



Brandon Brittingham07:09 - 07:12
And by the way, we're talking about Kent Clothier, who coaches all three of us. 



Cassey Quinn07:12 - 08:14
Yeah, right. And so the really cool thing that I'm learning around getting myself in the right rooms, getting around guys like you, is we all face similar problems. But the really cool thing that we all do is, one, take massive action, whatever that is that needs to happen. We don't know everything. One of the most massive actions we could possibly take is learning and understanding, eliminating ego, like I talked about and saying, hey, I don't know what I don't know. Right. Let's get the education, whatever that is. Let's find people that have been there and done that and ask for help. Stick up your hand and say, hey, I need help. And so I think the problem that you face with some folks that run into Chapter 11s and run into bankruptcy or don't actually scale their businesses the right way, we're all going to run into those problems and challenges at some point. We're all going to have to scale back to scale back up at some point. The people to make those pivots are the people that are realizing they don't know what they don't know and getting the help. The people that don't do that is what really run into the ultimate problems because they let their ego get in the way or they think they know more than they know. And it just continues to bury them and they're not able to really dig out of that. 



Brandon Brittingham08:14 - 09:02
Yeah. And, you know, that, you know, you bring up a really good point is so when times get lean, a lot of times where people stop investing is in their self, right? They stop coaching or they stop education or they stop going to masterminds or whatever. And in my opinion, that's actually where you should be doubling down, because the lid of your organization is always tied to your own personal development. Right. And what happens is you guys did the opposite. Right. When time for rough, he said, I'm going to pay a very expensive coach because he knows more than I do. And But what it did is it compressed time where maybe the fee seems expensive to the outsider, but to you guys it was a bargain. 



Cassey Quinn09:02 - 10:05
Yeah, let me, let me, let me add to that point really, really quick, because I think I'm a very good example of someone that didn't necessarily believe that for a long period of my life. I always equated that back to college. You know, I played football at college and then there was, you know, massive fraternity sorority world on campus. And I used to always say, dude, I can make my own friends. I don't need to pay for this shit. And so then when I kind of got in this entrepreneurial world and we're scaling a company and like, you know, the ego started growing, we're starting to do OK. Early on, the concept was someone like keep my head down, keep focused. I'm not going to I don't need to, you know, the mastermind comments and things are coming. I don't need to pay for my friends. Well, I don't need to join a cult. I don't need to do those things. You know, and I realized at one point, no, I need help. Right. Like, I just don't know what I don't know. And then I joined because I knew I needed help. And then the world opened. Right. Then it's like, holy shit, this isn't just this is nothing to do with paying for friends. I'm paying for my education, but I'm also getting opportunities, getting all of these different things. And it's literally changed my life, changed my life completely. 



Brandon Brittingham10:05 - 11:42
Yeah. So the other thing I said, I like to say this a lot and I believe it. I think a lot of things are energy and energy is transferred, transferred I think what happens too is when you get in these rooms, you meet your frequency. Us three, even though you're a nerd, we have a similar frequency. So at its core, your frequency and my frequency are the same. We may go about it, same with you. We may go about it differently, like you're a Steelers fan as an example, but it is a frequency that is the same. And then what happens when you get around your frequency, and I believe this, you get around another one that's your frequency, someone else, and then it doubles and then it magnifies and then you magnify each other. One plus one is four. Fucking right. And then all of a sudden you're doing really cool shit because it's like, this frequency that you've met is doubling and tripling your own frequency and it just becomes a game changer. I think that's one of the things that people underestimate sometimes is, You know, you can be one mastermind, one phone call, one coaching call away from completely changing your life. But you're scared to take that risk or you're scared to spend the money or whatever, especially when your back's against the wall. But man, it's a I've met almost every single one of my business partners or where I've gotten to the next level was getting in a room where I met that person. That was my frequency. Right. 



Cassey Quinn11:42 - 12:19
Yeah. Can I comment to that, too? Because I think it's not just can I spend the money? I think we and myself and probably you and you at some point, right, like all of us, it's also an imposter syndrome thought process of like, if I pay that money. Can I execute to get the value out of that spend? It's the same when I buy real estate, I always call it, I have a perfect standard deviation. When I invest in people, the sky's the limit or it's going to be a dud. And the same thing goes for ourself. I'm making this massive investment myself. Am I going to be able to get the return out of that? And so I question myself there, right? And I've got to get over that hump. 



Brady McDonald12:19 - 13:08
Yeah, see, for me, I just know that I'm such a high action taker that I'm willing to do the work regardless. And we all are, right? And so what I love about having a coach and being around other people is like if somebody just gives me the guidance and sees what I don't see, but just tells me what they get it done faster than anybody else. And in that, that's what I believe. I know that in me, and I just need to be around the right people. Did you always have that mentality? Did you always think that way? I was terrified the very first time that I ever paid $20,000 for my high ticket coach. But that was the outcome, because he's just like, fuck you. There's nothing I won't do. There's nothing I won't get done twice as fast as most. and almost to a detriment like you can kind of get sidetracked too so now knowing that you got to stay focused. 



Brandon Brittingham13:08 - 13:09
Well you're going to move fast and break shit. 



Brady McDonald13:10 - 13:28
Yeah, and you can kind of go sidetrack too, if it's like, well, fuck, right? But I learned at that time, and once you're working with high-ticket coaches or high-performing coaches, and they give you that feedback, I'm like, fuck, I'll invest 100 grand to get good advice, because I know I'm going to pull $10 million of value out of it. 



Brandon Brittingham13:28 - 14:29
100%. You know, so here's a good example of that, is getting in the rooms and being intentional, is us three, is an example, right? You know, I'm working with you on some cool stuff, which is going to lead to who it's going to lead to a lot of shit. I already know that. But it wasn't it wasn't just that, you know, like one of the things that I took from you was the the pie stuff you had on everyone's doors. I fucking love that. So we're doing that at our company because I'm a big believer in communication and everybody communicates differently. And hey, if you can, before you walk in someone's office, if you can understand how they communicate, you're going to be able to communicate better with them. Right? So I showed up to your place to help you with something, but I took away massive value, right? You and I got to hang out in Yellowstone. You came and spoke on both of you guys came and spoke on a stage for me today. So, I mean, that's the example of what can happen and how fast shit can change when you get in the right room and you get around the right people. 



Brady McDonald14:29 - 15:10
Yeah, I think you mentioned a good point there, the one word, intention. Yeah. Right? Like, I said this on stage earlier today, that I intentionally, you guys invited me to stay in Yellowstone. I called my wife and I'm like, listen, you know, and she's cool about it. But, you know, I'm like, I listen, like I said, the reason I'm staying is because I want to be around Brandon. And obviously the Gearhearts are my friends. Yeah. But, you know, I love them to pieces, but I wanted to be around you. Right. And it's just that intention, that time we spent together created that that trust and that bond that, you know, again, to like three weeks later, you know, we're we're on stage together and, you know, Just deepening that relationship, who knows where it's going to go, right? But it's intention is a huge fucking thing. 



Brandon Brittingham15:10 - 15:28
Yeah, 100 percent. Another thing that's really cool that you just did that a lot of human beings are going to do. And now you got him fucking climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest. But you ran a hundred mile and twenty two hours, right? Yeah. Hundred mile marathon. Yeah. Like what the fuck? 



Brady McDonald15:29 - 17:25
Yeah, man, I mean, it wasn't really, I would never have fucking thought I was gonna do this six months ago, you know? But, you know, it all started about a year ago when I saw Jesse Itzler do Ultraman, which is this crazy three-day thing, and I thought, fuck, if he could do it, I could do it. Because I knew he's super successful and I wanted to know how he got the brain. And I started making the connections to doing really hard shit to the success. And so I started going down that path. And I was super intentional about getting close to him and then I hired his coach. because I'm like, whoever got him to do that is what's going to help fix me too, right? And I had my own issues and stuff and drinking and things, right? And I saw the connection to becoming a better human by doing these hard things. I became a better dad, a better communicator, a better husband, a better, better business. And I was just showing better, showing up better for the community and myself too. And so, you know, we started training for a 50 mile back in May, actually March. 50 miles in May, May 20th. Ended up three days in the hospital. But I realized in that, after a $48,000 bill, my wife said, you could never run again. Like, you're fucking done. And I'm like, yeah, yeah, whatever. You know, I'm talking to my coach. And you know, within two weeks of that, did the Mount Everest simulation climb. And right after that, we decided that we're gonna do 100 miles to raise 100 grand for charity. And my coach was all in, and you know, and it was three months of training. And it was by far the hardest fucking thing I've ever done. It was spiritual. I've kind of talked to you about this offline. Which I really dig that. Yeah, dude, it was out of body experience, really separating your mind from your body. And like it was weird, like I was running, you know, mile 70 to 100 took seven and a half hours, seven hours probably still. But I just feel, remember, just kind of like Hovering over my body and watching all these guys and girls running with me. 



Cassey Quinn17:25 - 18:22
They're my crew and just feeling the love Yeah, let me add something to that too, right because you you mentioned any, you know inspired me and now I'm gonna be climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest with them in this coming summer, which You know for me, I'm not I don't like running. I don't like that kind of stuff but what really resonated with me and you know, you didn't say today, but you said it in the past which was I I don't like running. And so, because for me, when I found out you were going to do that and heard about all that, I'm like, oh, this dude's probably a runner or whatever. And I kind of rushed it off. 100 miles is insane for sure, but like, it's probably a runner, right? Like, it's not as hard for a runner to do that. And so to me, what that was, was justification or rationalization in my head. And once I realized and heard him say, you know, I don't like running. You know, it's something bigger to me. I want to do hard shit. That's what inspired me to say, you know what? Like, I need to do some hard shit mentally. There's nothing doing anything other than really put myself in a situation to do hard shit. 



Brady McDonald18:22 - 18:40
Yeah, it's about becoming the best version of us. Right. Or for me, it is. That's what it's about. And I just running is a very easy thing to do anywhere. Right. So and it puts you in such a hard position constantly that you can only become better if you're going to continue to put one step in front of the other. Yeah. 



Brandon Brittingham18:40 - 20:34
So two things you guys just said, and I can't take credit for this because my my performance coach, John Czeplak, I've coached with him for 10 years. And one of the things that that he programmed me early about doing hard shit. Right. So John is almost 60 and he looks like he's 30. And one of the things that and John talks about how he hates going to the gym. I don't particularly like going to the gym either. I like the result. I remember a long time ago, he said, here's what I want you to program you to do mentally. When you pull up to the gym, you don't feel like it or you got to make the next call or, you know, whatever it is. It's like, man, it's it's it's gut wrenching fear. And it's hard as fuck. You just don't want to do it. He said, you've got to call me. And tell me what's going through your head from a standpoint of I'm not going to do it, right, because he knows he's going to tear my ass. And he said, not only that, you got your your significant other, the people you lead, whatever, you got to stand up in front of them. This is the mental exercise. And what you're thinking in your head, you have to say it out loud to them. and like, I don't feel like going to the gym or I don't feel like making this sales call or I'm afraid that I'm going to get rejected in this deal or whatever. And he said, anytime you get that negative thought, I want you to place that thought into your head that you have to say that in front of the people that you lead and the people that you love. It's one of the most powerful things he ever taught me. And so people underestimate the power of consistency. It's like, You don't quit, right? Yeah, you think you think the fucking magic pill is some, you know, me, Brady and Casey are in the fucking Illuminati and we got the fucking secret that y'all don't have. No, I literally just gave it to you. That's the secret. 



Brady McDonald20:35 - 20:58
Yeah and it doesn't have to be like this consistency people like I talked about this on stage but like you know a lot of people focus on the deal and the money and like the consistency really just needs to be coming within like focus on your fucking body hundred percent if you can just wake up every fucking day go to the gym five days a week If that's the one skill that teaches you consistency, that's what's going to teach you how to win in business. 



Brandon Brittingham20:58 - 21:33
100%. Because it's going to make you overcome so much hard shit by just having that routine. Because I don't particularly know that many people that are like, I want to get up and go to the gym. Yeah, let's fucking go. Do you know what I mean? It's like, fuck, I just got to go. Yeah, so one of the things that I always ask everybody, and I'd like both of your versions of this, is we call this show Wake Up to Wealth, and we call it Wake Up to Wealth for a reason, but I'd like you both to give me your version of what is waking up to wealth mean to you? 



Brady McDonald21:34 - 22:15
Yeah, for me, I mean, I'm just discovering this and I think that's part of this 100 like 100 mile journey and all this hard shit. But it's ultimately, you know, becoming the best version of me, because once I know that, once I do that and as I as I continually become the best version that I can pour in to my kids, to my wife, to my peers, to my community, you know, and really create impact. And for me, that's what's waking up to the best version of me. You know, I realized that, you know, I need to, you know, win for this person first so I can just pour out to the fucking world, like become the best savage person for everybody else. And that's that's what it means to me. 



Cassey Quinn22:15 - 24:14
I love that. What I would say for me, it's, you know, it might sound a little cliche, but at the end of the day, it's about chasing happiness. What's the point of living, right, if we're not happy at the end of the day? We're all going to die. We all only have 24 hours. At the end of the day, we're all the same. And so how can you go about chasing your happiness? Literally the wake up to wealth, right? You know, wealth is a vehicle to be able to provide opportunities for yourself and for others. And so certainly I'm very interested in attacking that in order to be able to provide myself additional happiness. And I would be kidding you if I didn't tell you that I know what that is for me. What I've learned, you know, because people say, hey, you know, I want to retire and be on a beach. You know, I know for a fact I'd be bored after three days. So that's not it for me. No doubt. What it is for me is really waking up and being on the journey of chasing happiness that I want to win. I want to learn. I want to develop. You know, and it changes, like it's a moving target forever for me. And I think that's what I'm realizing and learning. And that's my happiness, because in a year from now, I'm going to be willing to bet you like when I wake up the wealth, whatever my answer would be would be totally different in a year from now, because the journey over these next 12 months is going to continue to develop me and continue to allow me to chase whatever that happiness ultimately is for me. So to me, that's what wake up to wealth means. Wake up to what it is that you want to do on a daily basis that makes you happy. And by the way, it's incredibly different. Like my idea of happiness is probably very different than yours and very different than yours. wealth and rich and money does is allow us a little bit of freedom and opportunity to continue to go after that a bit easier, as well as help other people, right? Help other people find that, which at the end of the day, I think is mostly everybody's dream is to allow other people to have that opportunity. Maximum fulfillment for us is seeing other people win. And I think that goes, like, nobody likes to see other people, but very rarely is someone happy seeing other people lose. Right? 



Brandon Brittingham24:16 - 24:39
But powerful, powerful answers, guys. Man, it's been a long fucking day, but it's been a great day. It's been a great day. We've been at an event all day together and we're still hopping on the podcast. But man, it's been it's been phenomenal. I appreciate you guys today. I appreciate you guys coming on the show. And, you know, thank you guys for for doing life with me. This has been it's been awesome. 



Brady McDonald24:39 - 24:45
Hell yeah, brother. Thank you for having me, man. Glad to be part of your circle, dude. 



Cassey Quinn24:45 - 24:52
I echo the comments for both of you guys. It's an incredible journey we're on together. I'm so excited. 



Intro/Outro24:52 - 25:11
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